VI.Vernadsky Institute of General
of Sciences of Ukraine
and Inorganic Chemistry

of the National Academy
of Sciences of Ukraine


Areas of work of the department

Main research areas:
- Charge and mass transfer in electrochemical systems with aqueous, molten and solid electrolytes;
- Electrochemical kinetics;
- Synthesis and research of new materials (electrode and electrolyte materials for electrochemical devices and processes, electrocatalytic nanomaterials, catalysts, energy storage materials, optical materials);
- Extraction of metals and compounds from natural and technologenic raw materials;
- Scientific principles of activation of metals and production of hydrogen from water using energy storage substances;
- Design of chemical and electrochemical reactors and fuel cells.

Scientific and applied results:
- The scientific basics of electrochemical refining and finishing of metals in aqueous and molten electrolytes have been created.
- New technological processes for refining heavy non-ferrous metals (indium, gallium, tin, lead, etc.) in molten and aqueous electrolytes have been developed and found industrial application.
- Conceptual solutions for the electrochemical decontamination of metal surfaces and non-conductive materials in an electric field of direct and alternating currents in acidic and neutral solutions have been developed.
- The scientific basics of processing domestic lithium and zirconium raw materials and extracting compounds of predetermined composition, including high-purity zirconium, have been developed.
- The conditions for the regeneration of molten fuel-salt compositions of new generation nuclear reactors and the corrosion resistance of structural materials have been determined, and the regularities of the recovery of fluorides of rare earth elements by alkali metals and zirconium in molten fuel compositions of new generation nuclear reactors have been established.
- The nature of charge and mass transfer in fluoride-conducting phases of fluorite, tisonite, and gagarinite structures has been determined.
- A conceptual solution for the production of fuel cells with proton-conducting electrolytes and an autonomous hydrogen power source has been developed.

Employees of the Department of Electrochemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials

History of the department

In 1982 on the basis of, the Department of Electrode Processes (founded in 1946 by O.K. Kudra), the Department of Electrochemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials, headed by the Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences O.V. Horodysky, was established. From 1992 to 1997, the department was headed by Doctor of Chemistry N.D. Ivanova. Since 1997, after merging with the Department of Chemistry of Technogehic Metals and Compounds (founded in 1994, A.O. Omelchuk), the department has been headed by Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor A.O. Omelchuk. In 2016, the Department was staffed with employees of the Department of Electrochemical Refining of Metals and Metalloids (2002-2005, Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences O.G. Zarubytskyi; 2006-2016, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Lk.H. Kozin) and the non-structural Laboratory of Materials for Electrochemical Power Engineering (Doctor of Chemistry Y.K. Pirskyi).

Despite the change in the composition and name of the department, the scientific direction of its research remained unchanged: electrochemical and chemical processes on interfacial surfaces in various reaction media (aqueous and non-aqueous solutions, melts) for the extraction of metals and compounds from natural and man-made raw materials, synthesis and properties of new materials.

F.D. Manilevich and prof., L.H. Kozin

Present-day staff of the department

Head of the department
Anatolii Opanasovych Omelchuk
Senior researchers
Valentin Khomich Kozin Inessa Arkadyivna Novoselova Yulia Volodymyrivna Pohorenko
Eduard Arkadiyovych Stezeryanskyi
Eduard Arkadiyovych Stezeryanskyi
Oleksandr Petrovych Ivanenko Ihor Mykolayovych Skryptun
Junior research assistants
Antonina Viktorovna Blyznyuk Sergei Vladimirovich Kuleshov
Leading process engineer
Tamara Vladimirovna Pavlenko

Employees of the non-structural laboratory of materials for electrochemical power engineering

Leading researcher
Yuriy Kuzmich Pirskyi
Senior researcher
Fedir Dmytrovych Manilevych
Leading process engineers
Nikolai Fedorovych Zakharchenko Alina Konstantinovna Bogdanova
Process engineers of the 1st category
Boris Ilyich Daniltsev Oksana Serhiyivna Krupennikova Andrii Vasylovych Kutsyi

Implemented projects of the department

National projects
- Technological process for the electrochemical refining of indium in melts (Chelyabinsk Electrolyte Zinc Plant, Novosibirsk Tin Plant, Ust-Kamenogorsk Lead and Zinc Plant, and Kostyantynivka Plant "Ukrtsynk;");

Technological process for separation of lead and bismuth (Dalpolymetal, Novosibirsk Tin Plant, Chimkent Lead Plant)

Postgraduate student A.O. Omelchuk

- Electrochemical extraction of radionuclides from the metal surfaces of technological equipment (Chornobyl NPP, Research Nuclear Reactor of the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Research Nuclear Reactor of Xinhua University, China);
- Electrochemical polishing of osteosynthesis implants made by Inmed Ltd;
- Technology for manufacturing the newest membrane-electrode blocks of various sizes for low-temperature hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells and batteries using proton-conducting membranes and advanced cathode and anode electrocatalysts (Elmiz JSC);

International cooperation:
Three STCU projects were implemented;
No. 294 - "Selection and Study of Fuel and Structural Materials for Systems with Liquid Salt Blankest for Accelerator-Driven Plutonium Conversion and Nuclear Transmutation of Radioactive Waste (01.03.2003 - 29.02.2004)";
No. 1993 - "Development of scientific basics of the electrochemical decontamination of metal surfaces (01.04.2002 - 30.09.2004)";
No. 4129 - "Preparation, manufacture and testing of prototypes of the equipment for decontamination of technological equipment (01.02.2007 - 01.02.2009)".

Projects currently being implemented by the department

The department is currently working on the following projects:
- Comprehensive Program of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences "Mineral Resources of Ukraine as the Basis of State Security".
Project "Development of technological processes for the extraction of titanium and titanium- and zirconium-based alloys from natural and technogenic raw materials".
- NATO Program "Science for Peace and Security", project G5233: "Portable energy supply".
- Program of research works of young scientists of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (2019-2020) Project "Highly efficient functional materials for modern electrochemical devices" (Jointly with Department No. 1).
- Targeted research program of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences "Development of scientific principles of hydrogen production, storage and use in autonomous power supply systems". Project "Autonomous power supply based on fuel cells and an aluminum-hydrogen generator".

Departmental orders of the Department of Chemistry of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences:
- Theme 310E: "New inorganic compounds and high-performance functional materials (physicochemical basics of design, heterogeneous-heterophase synthesis, structure, properties)". The section concerning the creation of new electrode and electrolyte materials for chemical current sources based on solid fluoride-conducting phases of elements of IV(a) and III(b) subgroups.
- Theme 313E: "Synthesis, structure and electrochemical properties of new inorganic compounds, alloys and composites for chemical energy sources".
- 320E "Functional materials of the new generation"

Awards of the department

State awards of Ukraine in the field of science and technology:
Doctor of Chemistry Professor L.H. Kozin (1986)
Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences A.O. Omelchuk (2018).

Honored Scientists and Technologists of Ukraine:
Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences O. Zarubytskyi (2004)
- Certificate of Honor of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR to O. Zarubytskyi, Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (1986).
- First Prize of the Presidium of the Central Board of the All-Union Chemical Society named after D.I. Mendeleev to A.O. Omelchuk, PhD (1981).
- O.I. Brodskyi Prize (Y.K. Pirskyi 2019);
- Presidential Award (R.M. Pshenychnyi (2016-2017), Y.V. Pohorenko (2018-2019));
- Academician diploma of the K.E. Tsiolkovskyi Academy of Cosmonautics - Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Lk.H. Kozin (1992)
- Honorary title "Veteran of Cosmonautics of Russia" (Russian Federation of Cosmonautics) for services to the national cosmonautics - Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Lk.H. Kozin (2008)

Orders, medals, titles, decorations:

Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy Sciences O. Zarubytskyi
-Medal "In memory of the 1500th anniversary of Kyiv" (1982), medal "Labor Veteran" (1986)

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Lk.H. Kozin
-Medals "For Valiant Labor" (1970), "For Labor and Victory" (2004), awards of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences "For the Preparation of Scientific Change" (2006), "For Professional Achievements" (2016)

Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences A.O. Omelchuk
-Medal "For Labor Distinction" (1986), medal "Independence of Ukraine" of the International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology "Golden Fortune" (2013), award of the Ukraainian National Academy of Sciences "For Professional Achievements" (2010), a memorable award in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences,(2018).

Doctor of Chemistry Y.K. Pirskyi
Award of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences "For Scientific Achievements" (2018).

diplomas of exhibitions:
- Exhibition-presentation of scientific achievements of the Ukrainian NAS. XII All-Ukrainian Festival of Science.
- Kyiv, May 16-18, 2018.
Exhibition-presentation of scientific achievements of the Ukrainian NAS. "Made in Kyiv" - June 5, 2018.
- International Forum "Innovation Market." - Kyiv, November 21-23, 2018;
Exhibition-presentations of scientific achievements of Ukrainian NAS institutions in (2019).
- Diploma Invention of the Year - Patent of Ukraine No. 60694A (O.H. Zarubytskyi, A.O. Omelchuk, V.G. Budnik, I.M. Yudenkova, Vk.H. Kozin, 2005).

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